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Complication Redefined

I'm terribly easy and terribly difficult to understand. Depends really on the person.

A passionate kindergarten teacher for over fifteen years, I quit my soul-satisfying teaching career to become an author overnight after experiencing sudden mysterious spiritual urge for public writing.

My first endeavour at writing was to pen my intimate thoughts on life and spirituality and writing children's stories. I only later realised that almost everyone since my childhood had been telling me to become a writer! 

A deep spiritualist at heart, I feel strongly about Earth, nature and humanity. By writing Emit Eht I aim to awaken readers towards those unknown problems of humanity's future that may well be a ghastly reality one day that we are completely unprepared for. 

I am married and live with my husband and child in Munich, Germany, my favourite city in the world. I love reading, writing and listening to 'my kind of' music. 

If you read Emit Eht, you will find me quite similar to Eva, Christopher and Krishna.


The Simulation Game

I am now working on Maya- The Simulation Game. My second sci-fi novel.

A little computer prodigy girl with a brain that is really only a cold computer. She refuses to believe the world is what everyone says it is. She has her own ideas. She defies everyone to discover the truth. But the truth is not what she was expecting...

Started in November 2020, it will be my second science fiction/ metaphysical novel. My horses haven't exactly started flying yet, but the mind has...

I hope to finish it as soon as I can, but books are like dishes: they need time to cook in order to gently release their exquisite flavour. Hurrying will only burn and ruin it.

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