Whatever I write it starts happening. Whatever I write I see it in the news.

As I was writing Emit Eht I noticed strange coincidences; whatever I would write about it would appear on BBC or CNN within the next 2-3 days. This regularity of the coincidences was too obvious to ignore. I started documenting them with date and links. Below are my private diary entries just as I documented them. 

If you haven't read Emit Eht yet, I suggest you do not read this page. There are spoilers ahead.

1. To begin with, there were volcanoes erupting everywhere and the whole world seemed hell-bent on inventing supersonic technology. I seriously feared Yellowstone would blow off or such a technology would be invented before I had had the chance to even finish my story. LOL

2. Minor coincidence: (29.05.2017) I have been seeing 1331, 1313 and 13 everywhere.
As I started to write this story, I was writing about planes and asteroids, and the news flashed before me London airport closed due to some catastrophe (https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-40069865)

3. Minor coincidence: Next day Sunday evening, I finished writing. The moment I shut down and looked up the TV screen there were planes flying in air, crashing, explosions on earth.

4. 4.4.2020 Sometimes I write something without experience and research and they are eerily true. In 2017 I wrote about earthquake rumble that occurs before the ground shakes. Today as I sat editing, I wondered if it made sense. So I googled it up and sure it does. And many many such instances...can't write all of them.

5. Mount Agung eruption November 2017

Mount Agung, a volcano on the island of Bali in Indonesia, erupted five times in late November 2017, causing thousands to evacuate, disrupting air travel and causing environmental damage. As of 27 November 2017, the alert level was at its highest and evacuation orders were in place.


6. Feugo Eruption

Yesterday 5.6.2018 Feugo in Latin America erupted without a warning and killed dozens of people.


7. Kilauea Eruption May 2018

I needed technical details on volcanic eruption. On May 3, 2018, after a 5.0 earthquake earlier in the day, steaming ground cracks opened in Leilani Estates and began to spew lava. Then on May 17, 2018 the volcano explosively erupted at the summit in Halema Ľuma Ľu, throwing ash 30,000 feet into the air giving me all the details I needed.


8. Forest at the South Pole

January 5, 2018. Thinking that if Antarctica was once joined with mainland during Pangea, it certainly must have evidence of normal continent life. Next day: discovered in CNN news that evidence was found of 280 million years old tropical forests in Antarctica.


9. Volcano in Antarctica

Was wondering about volcanoes in Antarctica. I do know there are some. I wrote about exploding volcano in Antarctica and flooding the Earth. Two days later, there's a BBC article saying scientists have discovered a huge mantle plume under Antarctica that could cause serious flooding.


10. Yellowstone

I wanted to write that Yellow Stone's magma store is much bigger than expected. Just two days later in the news scientists discovered a river of magma flowing and attaching to Yellowstone reserve feeding it with more magma.

Can't find the link anymore. It is probably updated to a different date.

11. Earthquake

I wanted to trigger-start a volcano by an earthquake. Just common logic that an earthquake may destabilise volcanoes and cause it to erupt. Searched it on internet and turned out there are hoards of reports that have researched the connection between earthquake and volcano eruption. 


12. Yellowstone

I wanted to write that Yellow Stone's magma store is much bigger than expected. Just two days later in the news scientists discovered a river of magma flowing and attaching to Yellowstone reserve feeding it with more magma.

Can't find the link anymore. Still searching.

13. Flash Flood

Sun, Mar 1, 2019 at 3:22 PM

Two days ago I started working on the flood situation. Today there is in the news that there is a flash flood in Namibia.


14. Asteroid

3.6.2018 Today an asteroid entered earth's atmosphere and burned up releasing a blinding flash. Where? Over Southern Africa.

A huge flash was seen in surveillance videos that captured an asteroid breaking up on its way to Earth.


15. Metal

Two days ago I wrote about gold. I was searching for information how primitives could have worked with gold. Today, right now I am reading on wikipedia (Metal working) that Gold was the first metal the primitives worked with.

16. Asteroid 

September 14, 2019. I was writing about asteroids and needed more info. Then this asteroid notoriously larger than Burj Khalifa hurtled past Earth in big news. I even wrote its name then.


17. Supersonic Plane

Monday, April 16, 2018. I wrote about the hypersonic plane five months ago. Last week on BBC it says NASA has commissioned Martin Lock Heed to make a super sonic x plane.

According to BBC ( https://www.bbcearth.com/blog/?article=what-is-the-future-of-high-speed-travel ): In April 2018, Lockheed Martin, an Aeronautics Company based in Palmdale, California, was announced as the company awarded the contract to build, design and test the experimental X-Plane.



18. OMG! Hypersonic plane:

I'm so scared there's going to be a hypersonic plane in the sky before I finish my novel.

19. Eerie

on 23 February 2020, after a long long time, I took up writing Emit Eht again. I revisited my notes and wrote down how we enter ice age. I was wondering how many years and decided to go by 73,000 years. (Original draft had this number)

Two days later on 25th Feb 2020, there was this article on CNN with nearly exact figure of 73,000.

Ancient humans lived through a massive volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago

Ancient humans lived through a massive volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago

20. Krishna Iyer

May 1, 2020

A character in Emit Eht is named Krishna Iyer who is space scientist and engineer who has lots of knowledge about spirituality and the Vedas. Today I came across someone on Quora. What's creepy? The person's name is also Krishna Iyer and he is also an Engineer having deep interest and knowledge in Science, spirituality and the Vedas. I have written to him if he would like to contact me.

21. Crazy Stuff

 1 April 2020: I found oldest occupied cave in the world. 30,000 or 23,000 years old in Greece. I googled it up. It has chilling similarity with Emit Eht. Ok, no big deal. But when I saw the picture of the mountain this cave is in, it looks exactly like I had imagined in my mind complete with the color of the rocks and the sky, in year 2017.


22. Doomsday Bunkers

okay, so this is really creepy. I have finished my novel and have been editing and adding in details here and there since three weeks. So I inserted account of billionaire bunkers. Today I came across an article that says just that: billionaire escape plan in 2025 in which they have given some creepy details I have not yet read. I had to type this first and then save that article for a later read.



23. June 23.2020: I read the article right now. It gets a bit creepier. The continent of Africa looks quite like my plot. I'm going to check this website and lemme see what other similar stuff I am going to find.


24. Tham Luang Cave rescue

June-July 2018: I was writing about caves and flooding and wasn't sure how the two affected each other. Then Tham Luang Cave incident happened giving me all the infos I needed about cave and river system. God! This is crazy! It even had twelve people (and the meditation factor like mine in original draft).