My Thoughts & Quotes

I just write my thoughts. I raise some questions and answer some, open some eyes and close some, and wonder why people find life so hard when it is so simple and oh so beautiful!

I wonder why are some questions so hard to understand when they are so easy. Why do we destroy what we love? Why is it foolish to be wise and wiser to be foolish? 

Come. Enter my world of thoughts. You are at your own risk. You may have to lose your way in order to find your way out.

The faster and busier we become, the lesser we think and feel.
The lesser we think and feel, the more we become hard, cold, unfeeling, unthinking heartless, artificially intelligent machine with lots of memory space but with nothing to create memories…!

Some People are like trees. They are so rooted to their mindset that they are unable to move and explore other worlds right beside them.

We talk about changing the world, changing the society and changing institutions but often cannot change ourselves. The real change comes when we can change ourselves.

From the moment we're born to the moment we turn in our grave, we are only using time, rushing through moments, catching our breath, planning and stressing over things that sometimes don't even matter.

They say our present creates our future. When we look at it closely we find that our present actually also creates our past. Sounds weird?

Love and Hate


Love and hate are like sunglasses. They let you have a different view of the world without changing the reality. What you get to see may not be real, but it is very real for you.



When it comes to mindset it is better to be like birds rather than trees.

It's just a word play. If we aren't clever it is easy to get caught in the war of words. Be wise. Look deep beneath. The answer might surprise you. Freedom and slavery exist together side by side - like day and night. There's no escaping either of them. We gain independence only to become a slave of the other. And the cycle goes on...!...

Be Yourself


ou are nothing if you are not 'You'. Be yourself. Love yourself.

Give them nothing; they want something.
Give them something; they want everything.
Give them everything; they want something else!

Do you see that bold adventurous snail sauntering lazily on the car-wheel? I guess it is cursing it's bad luck on not finding any familiar juicy greens. Does it even know what bad luck it might be running into should the car-wheel suddenly decide to move?



Don't we all know of some people who think rain is a problem and some who think the sun is? And then there are some who think living is a problem and some who think dying is?

Our society is not always neatly compartmentalised in friends and enemies. Some people, regardless of how they are related to us and how long we know them, increasingly fall in both the categories or in neither of them.

It's the people that make kings and realms. Its the people that make nations and cultures, gods and religions, towns and laws.

A flock of sheep led by a lion becomes a pride of lion. A pride of lion led by a sheep becomes a flock of sheep. You become who leads you.

Hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil. Fine, I get that. But then how do we change the evil if we keep our eyes, ears and mouth shut? Isn't it like we're sweeping the corpse under the carpet?