My Personal Quotes

Don't ask me to relax. Relaxation is just a hampering impediment; just an annoying speed breaker; just a damaging distraction for me.
Who the hell wants to relax when you have so much to do what you love to do? Who the hell wants to clip their wings when they're soaring in the sky?

My work and my leisures are one and same. Inseparable from each other like a couple in love; unable to exist without each other like fire and heat.
Those who say they leave their work at their work place so they could have some leisure time may never be able to imagine what I'm talking about…

Knowing limits


The wise know their limits whereas fools know only limits.

I have fire in me. I burn with passion. If you love me you burn with me. If I love you, I burn you

I love to work hard. It makes it easier for me to succeed and harder for my enemies to win. And then, there are some who wonder what the hell I'm doing…

I keep seeking, I keep finding. I keep admiring in wonder. I keep stumbling on magic and miracles. If one knows how to love there's no lover more gorgeous than life.

My Paradise


Who says to see the paradise you have to die? Everytime I wrap myself in my cuddly blanket, sip my coffee and read a book I am already in paradise!

My Passions


My passions are more intoxicating than any wine could be. Can you imagine? I am always in a state of constant high..!

Frosty Flowers


Of all the flowers that I see love those ones the most that grow at unlikely places. To me they spell life, hope and incredible fortitude. Quite like us humans. We are just like these flowers breaking through rocks, stone and steel, to proclaim:

The path that leads to success is more important than success itself. It doesn't matter if you are successful or not. If you have been right, done your best and enjoyed doing it then you are successful already!

It is war between them and me. They have chosen their weapons. Their weapons are deceit, insult and personal goals. My weapons are my honesty, my right path, my belief in myself. They attack. I don't care. I don't care if I win or lose. My fight is not about winning or losing. My fight is not even about myself....

Whoever Whoever tries to tell you secrets to success and happiness is just doing business. Whoever tries to learn secrets to success and happiness is being plain lazy.
These secrets can neither be taught nor learnt.
They are within you and you just have to figure them out yourself through trials and errors.

Time Thief


We both are thieves: Time and I.
I steal time from time. If I don't, the time steals me…

Nobody is born strong. You have to overcome your weaknesses and fears, and this makes you strong bit by bit, part by part. The end result is worth every bruise, every tear, every scar you face.
Your troubles are the price for you strength, your fears the price for your courage.



Don't fall in love. Rise! Don't get lost in love. Find yourself! Don't give your heart away. Keep it with you. You need it to love all the good things in life including love, your life and yourself.

Love turns people in angel or devils, saints or sinners, wise or fools, winners or losers. In no case will it let you stay unchanged.

Fools and Wise


Fools only see words and people, never the point. Trying to win them is therefore pointless. When battling with them, do nothing. Just sit back and watch in silence.

I am Mindrover


I am mind rover. I believe in the power of the mind. I believe in the strength of thoughts. I believe in the magic of positivity. I believe in the miracles of love. I rove in the jungle of thoughts. I rove in the realm of mind. I am … mind rover.