Time Thief


We both are thieves: Time and I.
I steal time from time. If I don't, the time steals me…

Many people have asked me what does this quote mean at all. Here's the explanation:

We keep losing time moment by moment as we live our lives moment by moment. The more we live the more time we lose. Quite like an hourglass. Every moment that we live is therefore a stolen moment from time. If we don't steal it time will steal it from us.

This is my favourite-most quote as it so honestly applies on me. I have a very busy life. Knowing that I have limited time, I have to fight for each and every moment to get time to do what I love to do. No- I don't have to 'make' time, or 'find' time, but I really do have to 'steal' time from time like a regular sneaky thief. And if I don't, time will have it all…!

I don't have any other or better way to explain it.