Are we prisoners in our universe?


We think we are the masters of the universe, bursting with superior intelligence, unshakeably sovereign over 8.7 million species on our planet that should vouch we are masters. However, we fit only in a Goldilock environment with such dangerously limited choices that it nearly feels like we're prisoners! Look at this:

  1. We cannot live without oxygen, water and food.
  2. And here's the irony: although we cannot live without water, we cannot exist in water either. We cannot even breathe in water. The same can be said about oxygen.
  3. We cannot live without the sun. We cannot live with (a little more of) the sun. Why, we cannot tolerate even looking at the sun for more than a few minutes without damaging our retina permanently.
  4. We cannot hear sounds below 20 hz and higher than 20,000 hz.
  5. We cannot tolerate temperatures lower than 35 degree Celsius and higher than 40 Degree Celsius in a world that is infested with more of upper and lower temperature corridors.
  6. Our bodies (skin, bones, organs, blood, nerves, all of them) are too delicate and picky when it comes to functioning. We easily cut, bleed, bruise and break ourselves, easily catch infections and diseases. Our powerful, super-computer brain needs just a fall from a cycle or a blow to the head to become unfit for life.
  7. Our movements are limited, shoddy and slow. We can neither swim nor fly nor run like other species. If we didn't have wheels (and motor tech) we would have a hard time transporting ourselves over large distances across the globe or crossing water bodies.
  8. We cannot exist in space. Well, forget space just for once, there are several places on earth where we would have a tough time staying barely alive.
  9. Our reproductive system is complicated, overly choosy and almost impossible to function without external supervision/ intervention. (Interestingly still, we humans either die by over-reproduction or underproduction. (Think)
  10. Our life span is too short and too hazard-driven. It is a non-stop 24 hour job keeping ourselves safe so we could live to a hundred years.
  11. But this was just the physical aspect of our existence. The mental aspect is even bleaker! We may have everything of what we need, we still cannot survive without love, care, respect, our emotions, our identity, our society and our culture.

Doesn't it look like we are just a feeble fish in a prison pond? This world is our pond (or aquarium) and no matter what we call ourselves, at the end of the day we're just a fish. But of course, it is just an opinion!

Thank you for reading!