Are we Modern Humans Different From Ancient Humans?


Surprise! Surprise! We modern humans are still shockingly similar to our ancestors.

We humans are still the same as our ancestors were 100 years ago, 1000 years ago, several centuries ago back to the Stone Age. One might enlist one billion things we do differently than our ancestors, but when it comes to basics of human behaviour, and human feeling, reacting, thinking patterns as an individual or collectively as a society we haven't changed at all.

Isn't it fascinating to observe how our human nature is so stereotypical that at times it is almost without any ingenuity? It almost appears as if we have been printed out on a specific template that bears the unmissable same characters again and again. The time of printing may be different, the print out stays the same.

Look at these:

  1. Even though we now live in modern convenience and comfort so entirely different from Stone Age, we still strive to satisfy our fundamental needs. Our fundamental needs, worries, concerns, fears and even pleasures are still the same.
  2. Our strongest motivations haven't altered in all these thousands of years. They are still money, love, beauty, sex, social status, power or God.
  3. We still fight wars. And always over the same goals: love, hate, power, money, food.
  4. We still fear death. We still die for love and benefits. We still kill for hate and gains.
  5. Our intellectual questions haven't changed. We still wonder who we are and where we came from, or where we will go.
  6. We still don't know if fate makes us we make our fate. We still keep searching for God and we still haven't found him. The more ways we discover of discovering God, we still keep failing.
  7. We still punish other humans in the same way: taking lives, imprisoning, ridicule, condemn, deprive, cancel, boycott...We still reward in same ways. We even love, hate, create and destroy others the same way.
  8. We are still as cruel and barbaric as back then. Our weapons may have changed, our targets have stayed the same.
  9. We still love to preach without following our own preachings. And we still don't like being preached by our last generation but we're still addicted to preaching to our next generation.
  10. We still think we're living in the best of times, that we are the best and that the coming times are doomed.

But that's just my opinion. Thank you for reading.