Did Amber Heard Lie About her Abuse?


Amber sobbed and sniffled on the stands during the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Defamation Trial May 2022, but the more she detailed her abuse, the more puzzled the audience became. Her descriptions didn't add up leaving large gaping loop holes. Nor did her character support the account of her character. As time passed, it felt more and more like she was desperately trying to stuff a horse in a kennel so people would think the horse was a dog.

Either her walls were made of rubber, or her skin was!

During her entire testimony she described how she was repeatedly pushed and cornered against walls, her head banged, her face slapped 'so many times that she couldn't remember', head butted, neck-clutched and lifted up. One wonders if her walls were made of rubber or her skin was. In real life if you brush past a door handle in a hurry you get a sore blue black bruise for two weeks. With this amount of violence one would be much more horribly injured, bruised, swollen, cut, fractured and broken than she was, and those injuries won't disappear in two weeks either even if you drown yourself in makeup and coolpacks.

Again. What was glass in the houses and hotels made of? Paper?

Does Amber Heard even know what being around shattered glass is? One glass shard the size of a pin head or even smaller can easily pierce and stay embedded in your skin which hurts a lot and does not come off on its own unless extracted. In case, it stays lodged in your skin, it needs only two days to fester and fill up with pus and pain and will require surgical intervention. How was she dragged and sexually assaulted naked all around on broken glass and sustained only 3-5 cuts on one hand?

Was she really talking about broken glass because that's not how broken glass behaves. It doesn't think how to injure you, where to injure you or how to leave you uncut. So, either there were glass shards, tonnes of them but, she wasn't dragged on them, or she was dragged but there weren't glass shards.

Her accounts of assaults and how she dealt with them sounded like 'Helpless Princess in Distress' stuck up against a mighty villain...

Her account mysteriously lacked all verifyable details. No records. No evidences. No treatments. No testimonies.

It is hugely unclear why being a strong, bold, able-to-take-care-of-herself, fight-back type of person that she on/off screen appears to be, she was't strong, bold, took care of herself or fought back. In all her accounts she portrayed herself as an innocent, tragic, helpless victim, never striking back, never fighting back, unable to protect herself, still hopelessly loving the abuser 'till death do us part', 'trying to break the cycle', 'begging him to stop', and even after being severely assaulted continued to think how she had to help Johnny while battling with his abuse.

We are forced to ask: Is this her character at all? No! It isn't. You see, when a horse begins to hop like a frog, or a lion starts to fly like a bird there's got to be something wrong...

Missing medical care despite frequent and a lot of physical injuries

She's beaten, thrown, pushed and banged against concrete walls; she suffers no concussions, breaks no bones. She's dragged on broken glass; she isn't cut. She bleeds down there after being assaulted by a bottle; she takes sleeping pills and falls asleep. She's lifted up in air by her neck; she gets no marks or fractures. And there are people in this same world who slip on bathroom floor and break multiple bones!

With that amount of very, very violent, serious physical assaults why wasn't she hurt enough to need medical care, and if she was hurt enough as she claimed she was, why didn't she seek medical treatment?

Especially, when her personality and individual character seems aggressive and retaliatory enough to make her want to go to police and doctor if someone as much as lifted his finger to her, why did she deal with all that ugly stuff in silent tears?

What stopped her from seeking professional help? What was stopping her from walking out of this relationship? Why did she go ahead and marry the very guy who was abusing her? She could have postponed the wedding if she had issues, couldn't she? She wasn't after all being forced into marriage like some medieval maiden. That's where gold digging starts making a lot of sense.

She is quick to point out that she loved him but none of her behaviour corroborates that.

She assassinated Depp's character implying mental disorders to provide credibility to her own falsehood

'There were two Johnnys; one who was kind, loving and sober who I loved; the other was cruel, abusive, drunken who I was terrified of.'

'There were many different versions of Johnny. I always had to learn which one was which and how to react to which version of Johnny I was dealing with.'

'He would disappear and come back completely changed.'

'Monster has come.' 'Monster has gone.'

By her continuous references to 'The Monsters' in Johnny, two or several versions of Johnny, and complete personality change according to different versions, was Amber Heard trying to imply that Johnny Depp assaulted her under the influence of undiagnosed split personality disorder like Kevin Wendell Crumb (played by McAvo) in the 2016 psychological thriller 'Split?' That would so neatly account for both Johnny and Amber being truthful and allow her lies of assault as something that he did but didn't know about it.

Another fancy idea highjacked from a typical psychological thriller film or story. She stops at nothing, does she?

False character projection. Or in simpler words: acting, acting, acting

Her real give-away is her voice, tone, words and demeanour when she isn't watched by someone. The moment she is watched she begins performing.

Two examples of her real self given below are terrifyingly evil and bone chilling!

Her laugh in one audio is plain demonic. Plain demonic! The very sound of that laugh sends chills down the spine. She does not look nor sound like someone who loves Johnny and wants to help him, or is traumatised by him or terrified of him. On the contrary, she sounds like she hates him, bullies him, mocks him, insults him and harasses him.
Watch the video on Youtube by Law & Crime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RMaTefMWq0

Her smile in another video recording in which Johnny Depp is slamming kitchen cabinets is plain evil. That diabolic image and voice of hers does not match the sobby-weepy Amber in the court room. A lot of people noticed how after secretly placing her device for recording without Johnny's knowledge, she anxiously tries to hide it with her coffee cup or herself blocking it from Johnny so he cannot see it. Then immediately putting on that frail defensive innocent victim tone she asks Johnny: 'What happened?' "We didn't fight this morning, I just say sorry" This tone is the same as the tone she used in the courtroom. When Johnny does discover he is being recorded, he throws the device away which she picks up again and stops the recording. And this is when she is seen smugly smirking as if happy to have got what she wanted.

One is forced to ask: Are there two versions of Amber Heard? One for Johnny, another for courtroom? One real, one fake?

You can watch the second video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsBN_7vUP0U by Law & Crime Channel

She wears a slippery mask that slips down enough to reveal glimpses of something else hidden behind it.

The video below in which she is speaking before the camera during her deposition on March 17, 2020 she appears self centred, vain, careless, regarding people in front of her as inferior/nothing, very aware of herself, lacking respect for others, insensitive to others like she is above them, and radiating hyper nervous energy, lively and bubbly like she can't but must contain her joy. Her demeanour, rolling eyes, smirks, and darting eyes portray lack of respect, insincerity and inauthenticity.

Imagine being unpleasent to this kind of person. How her eyes would blaze, nostrils flare up, her lips stiffen and curl in sarcasm and she'll lash out like a wounded serpent going mad with fury. Yes, that's the real Amber, not the one in the court stand.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVL4Bn3uLxs video by Lola Amis

She denied alerting TMZ about her divorce filing in face of hard undeniable evidence

She let slip on video that she had alerted TMZ about the deposition filing regarding domestic violence although during cross examination in May 2022 she testified under oath and repeatedly argued that she hadn't informed TMZ.

Same video as above (March 17, 2020) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVL4Bn3uLxs

She denied not paying 7 million to charity in the face of hard undeniable evidence

She promised to donate her 7 Million divorce settlement from Johnny to American Civil Liberty's Union for domestic violence and Children's Hospital Los Angeles as charity. She received 7 million from Johnny Depp on schedule but did not pay the 7 million as promised and gave TV interviews that she had. She bravely continued to assert with strong conviction and unwavering direct gaze that she had paid full 7 million in the face of hard undeniable evidence even when she hadn't.

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHy6oiuUyEU) Youtube video by Law & Crime Network

This is highly sophisticated lying that average liars cannot pull off. It was this crafted lying that launched the avalanche of defamation of being a domestic abuser on Johnny Depp.

Her body language revealed a lot of what she was trying to conceal

She cried a lot during her testimonies without actually shedding tears or even getting teary eyed, choked, hoarse throat or runny nose.

Dry crying one might say...

During description of abuses, she was mostly heard saying: 'I remember doing this or that...' or 'I don't remember what happened after that.' We notice this kind of convenience trick usually used in films and books when the director or writer omits situations they don't want to deal with or have difficulty depicting.

She was caught smilingly briefly as Johnny recounted how he had lost Disney film contract due to her allegations.

Many body language experts have pointed out how she was displaying classic signals of lying and feigning during her testimonies.

There's a huge difference between being a trauma victim and pretending to be one.

It looks like Amber Heard watched a tad too many drama movies and read a few cartoon books about law courts and Judicial system to get the impression that she could pull off her lies as truth (She did actually succeed in fooling people the first time!) Now she is happily playing the 'women's rights' card. Luckily, people know better now and will not allow her to pull wool over their eyes as she did with Johnny Depp.

You can't fit a horse in a kennel, and pass it off as a dog. If you persist in doing so, either the kennel will break or the cow will and the truth breaks free for all to see. The truth is just like the sun. It may set in the horizon or hide behind the clouds but eventually it comes out. It always does!

Thank you for reading.