Does Human Species have Enemies?


The human species has tonnes of enemies! Don't believe me? How about this: More than 99% of all the species that have ever lived on Earth is now extinct. Considering there are roughly 5 billion species on earth, it is quite a lot. Human species is also one of these 5 billion. What are the odds that we will live forever when we have more reasons to die than to live?

  1. We can only survive in Earth's Goldilock environment. Any disruption in temperature, weather, sun, moon, water, Earth's axis tilt, etc. etc. is enough to spell doom for us all.
  2. There's no dearth of cosmic causes. Solar flare, asteroids, Gama ray bursts, aliens or alien invasion if one believes that shit
  3. We constantly grapple with sweeping natural disasters, weather disruptions, volcanic eruptions etc. The Tuba volcanic eruption about 73,000 years ago nearly made us extinct.
  4. We are facing a double threat with population-explosion on one hand and increasingly reducing birth-rate on the other which is kinda funny because we may be currently exploding the earth with our population, but in the event of any global disaster our low birth rate coupled with slow gestation, narrow female fertility window long pregnancy and infant dependency proves to be extremely slow, finicky and may bring about our extinction if not enough human males and females are left alive. The number is roughly 10,000 humans.
  5. We are ridden with diseases, and infections are rampant. If nothing kills us, diseases do. There are approximately 30,000 known diseases. According to Science Daily over 95% of world's population has health problems with over 1/3 having more than 5 diseases.
  6. Political unrests that may eventually as 'butterfly effect' lead to nuclear wars and biological weapons. Nuclear explosion at Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the Holocaust, WWI and WWII are enough proof of this.
  7. The biggest danger to humans are humans themselves. Over consumption, over production, depleting earth's resources. I am not even including wars, weapons, terrorism, AI, Robots and rogue Technology here.
  8. Trees. This is a surprise entry. Trees are the most invasive species on earth. True they give us what we need the most, but if left to themselves, they can consume us totally and in less than no time. Plants are beneficial to us but only when we keep them in check.
  9. There are more microbes on one person than there are stars in the universe. We're already overrun by them to the extent that scientists say we are only 43% human - the rest are all microbes. Some are friendly but some are problem makers. If even one of these trillion microbes decided to go rogue it has the power to finish humans. No, Corona missed its chance.
  10. Religion and beliefs: All religions says we must be righteous. Are we? and love everyone. Do we? And live as God suggests. Do we? Means if religion is true and God is someone, we are already doomed. We do nothing what is expected of us.
  11. But then if God is nothing and we are on our own, given our proud, politically inclined, selfish, cruel character aren't we likely to reel ourselves in a chaos of our own making and win the Darwin Award for entire human race? Darwin Award means killing oneself or sterilising oneself accidentally so the stupid genes don't get replicated.

It would indeed be interesting to see if we are around after a million years (or earlier)...