Life Lessons to learn from a Mirror


Life is like a mirror. You see in it what you put in front of it.

  1. The world is a beautiful place if you are in love. It's ugly if you are in pain. It's a market to buy and sell if you are like a businessman, a mall if you are a billionaire, a school if you are a learner in life, a hell if you're moneyless and depressed, a puzzle if you're a scientist, a miracle if you're religious, a race if you are competitive player in arena of life, a tragic-comic circus if you are wise and a dream if you are spiritually enlightened. It wouldn't be too wrong to say that the world is like a mirror. It will reflect you, your own outlook and your state of mind.
  2. Everyone sees this mirror from their own standpoint. And fight fiercely with others over what they have seen. As with mirrors, the reflection changes with every miniscule flicker and move. (Something called perspective)
  3. You can use this mirror to check our appearance instead of being angry at the reflection you get to see.
  4. If you don't like the reflection you see, the fault may probably be in you.
  5. There may be a difference between the reflection you want/expect to see and the one you get.
  6. Likewise, there may be difference between what you see in yourself and what the others see in you.
  7. Those who are wise/ or clever use this mirror to correct or improve themselves.
  8. Most people look at their reflection in this mirror and dissatisfied with what they see, blame the mirror and the reflection.
  9. Some people find their reflection (in this mirror) so unacceptable that they end up shattering it. Well? The reality still stays. They just don't have the mirror now to see the reflection though which is sad. (I am talking about suicide or taking lives.)
  10. Polishing the mirror may indeed improve the mirror surface but it will still reflect what's in front of it. Trash will still appear trash. Beauty will still appear beautiful.
  11. Many people may look in the mirror and still never realise it is their own reflection.
  12. One may eventually try covering up the mirror to avoid seeing their reflection, it however, doesn't change the reality.
  13. The mirror tells the truth. How you interpret the truth is another question and certainly not everyone's cup of tea.
  14. The wise realise that if their reflection is all they're going to see in the mirror then they'd better look inside and forget the mirror and the reflection entirely. And they do.