The greatest miracle in the world


It can be miracle for some, not worth a thought for others, but whatever it is, it is still a great wonder.

Each and every thing around us whether it's a book or a pencil, a shoe, a nail clipper or a toilet seat, or even simple activities like drinking water, peeling potatoes, charging our smartphone, driving to work, eating meals or climbing down the stairs, have one thing in common: All of these involve risks of dying any minute of our lives!

Very hard to believe but true nonetheless!

  1. Humayun, the great Mughal emperor (1556) died by falling from the steps of the library.
  2. Aethelwolf, King of Wessex(858) died by a simple bee sting. (Unverified)
  3. Rudolf Frederick, King of Sweden from 1751 to 1771, died by overeating. (he supposedly ate lobster, cavier, sauerkraut and kippers with champagne, and a gigantic desert consisting of fourteen servings of semla, which is a a type of sweet bun served in hot milk.)
  4. Pope Adrian IV died by choking on a fly which was floating in his wine glass.
  5. The Greek painter Zeusxis (5th Century BC) died of laughter at his portrait of the goddess Aphrodite.
  6. Valentinian 1, Roman Emperor died by yelling at foreign envoys in anger. He yelled so much that he suffered a stroke.
  7. Attila the Hun built a vast empire for his people across Eurasia, and nearly brought both the Western and Eastern Roman Empires to their knees. Despite his successes as a warlord, Attila died by a nosebleed.

Forget serious illnesses like cancer and diabetes etc, even simple flue, dehydration, food poisoning, heat stroke, alcohol etc claim a large number of lives every year.

  1. Falling accidents on lake ice sheet cause 4 deaths every winter in Minnesota.
  2. Speedy Police pursuits cause more than 300 deaths every year. (Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
  3. Falling televisions or furniture caused at least 451 children's deaths between 2000-2019. (Source: CBS NEWS)
  4. Building collapse causes 2,600 deaths every year in India.
  5. Alcohol poisoning causes about 6deathseveryday.
  6. Contaminated food causes 3,000 deaths every year.
  7. Hunger or hunger-related issues cause 21,000 deaths every single day.(Source: United Nations)
  8. Texting while driving causes 6,000 every year in the U.S. alone
  9. Over-exercising causes 1 death in every 15,000 people. (Source: New England Journal of Medicine)
  10. Toilet seats cause more than 40,000 injuries and deaths in the US every year. (Source: Wiki)

Doesn't this make one think what a miracle it is to be alive? Although we live in a far safer and healthier world than our ancestors, we are more prone to dangers of dying at every step and turn and from literally every object and every activity that we do.

Being alive is the greatest miracle. Celebrate it!

Thank you for reading.