From Being a Teacher to Being Author of Emit Eht 


Basically I am turning an author from being a teacher, until I turn a teacher again from being an Author to complete a cycle in the grand design of things.

Having been a kindergarten teacher nearly all my life, I had never imagined I would be an author one day. And the story is comically simple. 

I was working at a bilingual German kindergarten as an English teacher with just basic level of German. My boss didn't like me so much and just to make things difficult for me she maliciously suggested that I read German books to kids even though I was an English teacher. I was shaky. Anyone who has learnt German as a second or third language know how ruthless and unforgiving it can be. However, something entirely unexpected happened to me. As I began reading German stories to kid day after day, week after week, I fell fiercely in love with German language and children's literature and before 3 months were gone, I had started writing children's stories myself. 

The first one to get published was Roo Molly Roo in year 2018. Another one was supposed to come out at about the same time but is still stuck in production. There are over 30 other children's stories rotting in my closet and will probably continue to rot because now I have a new love in my life: the love of writing novels! Emit Eht is my debut novel.

I guess I will always be a teacher, whether I teach kids by telling stories or write stories and novels that indirectly teach masses. For me teaching and writing are two sides of the same coin. They both complement each other superbly.