Why do some people reject spirituality?


We are birds. We are meant to fly!

Imagine there are three cages and three birds.

First cage has a bird in it that has always been there. It doesn't know what life outside a cage is like. It may or may not be necessarily happy. It just doesn't know what freedom is, and if it wants it.

The second cage has a bird going in and out of the cage. The easy availability of food, and the love and attention of the bird carer in the cage ensures that the bird keeps coming back and doesn't fly entirely away.

The third cage has a bird recently captured from the wild. This bird knows what it is to be free and constantly fights the cage in order to be free. It knows what it wants and will never trade its freedom with comfort.

The first cage is symbolic of people who have no idea about spiritual awakening. They live their physical, material, practical lives here and have no thoughts for anything else beyond that. They are not aware of any spiritual thing, development, knowledge or growth. Present in the now and here, with no thoughts about the people behind the stage. Their world is the cage.

The second cage is symbolic of people who are aware of spirituality but the comforts and luxuries, and the ease of captured life traps them. They cannot abandon or forget the physical/practical/material world and this keep their foot comfortably planted in both the spheres. So they belong to both and neither.

The third cage is symbolic of the people striving for spiritual growth and enlightenment. They know what it is and work hard to get it. Having tasted the sweetness, freedom, wealth and divinity of spirituality, they cannot abandon it, quite like a child who cannot be separated from his mother. Somebody who doesn't know spirituality is naturally going to find it weird, illogical and foolish.

We are birds. We are meant to fly.

Thank you for reading.