Why should we be glad to be human


It is fun being a human! 

  1. So what if we don't have infra red vision, echolocation and can't detect low frequency sounds? We enjoy technology and modern methods of communication the way other species can't. Our pets come closest to technology and even they cannot count how many likes their video received on Facebook, for instance.)
  2. We use our brains to invent technology, then use technology to reinvent us. In the end we both end up reinventing, using and enjoying each other like 'Friends Forever'. The other species on the other hand, prefer gobbling each other's brains up one way or the other.
  3. We procreate sensibly combining sex with pleasure and responsibility and feel really really really thankful that we need only one in 250 million sperm cells and not all of them to make a baby. Something like an octopus egg count or even parenting would be so tortuous!
  4. We're glad we only have two legs and not six or eight which would make riding a cycle, driving modern means of transport, designing footwear, or keeping track of socks slightly cumbersome. Although having more hands than just two would be extremely helpful for multitasking and fast typing, we're still thankful we don't have teeth like walruses and woolly mammoths, or tails that again could hugely jeopardise aesthetic fashion sense, fashion industry and dress designing.
  5. That reminds me, we should be mighty glad we can use clothes to hide what we were thinking! Some animals are so clumsy when it gets to intimacy and private matters!
  6. We're the only ones to dance, party and enjoy ourselves. The other species just eat, sleep, die and waste their lives doing nothing. Oh, and we enjoy reading books which are largely useless for all other species except probably just for mice and termites.
  7. We have language to entertain ourselves. I have often wondered how terribly frustrating and boring it must be for other species to stay silent and still expect everyone especially humans to understand what they were saying.
  8. Not to mention, the food is the ultimate reason why we're thankful to be human. Other species either gets eaten or eats only unsavoury, uncooked food that must taste ewe! The worst are the pigs who delightfully eat their own excrement and avenge us humans by infecting us with tapeworms.
  9. We're thankful our body size and proportion is just the right for our creative needs and humble comfort. We aren't large like the blue whale, nor small like microbes. While the former would be very uncomfortable (and also expensive) for housing, furniture, luxury, design and fashion, the latter would render all those concerns totally useless. And that would be bad for economy!
  10. Animals lament we're causing their extinction. Well, they should be thankful we aren't microbes who are present in such large numbers that numbers fail to express them. To be precise, there are 39 trillion microbes present just on one person! On a side note even we are glad we aren't microbes. With that many humans it would be impossible to find a job with that much competition in the job market.