Astonishing Irony Behind Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Saga


The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard saga is so full of fateful ironies it is going to be hard to find another story to match its level. As their meteoric love story culminated in marriage and bruises, and started morphing romance into living nightmare, lovable humans into demons and happiness into indescribable sorrows, they took their fights to courts each ready to destroy the other, come what may. There was, however just one difference: One was innocent, the other was guilty.

  1. If Amber Heard had never written that Op-Ed proclaiming herself to be the 'Joan-of-Arc' or 'Mother Theresa' kind of champion of abused women, the world would never have known that she was the abuser.
  2. Although the Op-Ed initially defamed Johnny Depp, in the long run it became the soul reason for restoring his honour. Had there been no Op-Ed, Johnny would still be living his life in disgrace and ruin. Unthinkable!
  3. The reverse for Amber. Had she not written the Op-Ed, she would still be soaring in her career and public opinion/image, grabbing roles after roles despite zero acting skills, and being famous as a charity woman that donated didn't want a penny so she donated her millions to charities.
  4. Up until the divorce, Amber Heard had played her game really well. Really, really well! She obtained through Johnny everything she had planned, everything she could have ever wanted in her life. Her over ambition, over confidence, and the desire to be the centre of attention (writing Op-Ed) cost her her entire career, name, fame and millions of money.
  5. We wonder what kind of a heart must she have to have hated and hurt Johnny who is loved by so many in the world. And what kind of a head must she have to think she fool law and justice with painted bruises!
  6. This case which was supposedly about abused women transformed into that of abused men. #MeToo gave birth to #MenToo. A complete and very dramatic turn of tables.
  7. Everything that Amber thought would help her win the case, actually helped her lose her case.
  8. The fans, for the first time in history of fandom, unlike blind crooning/ swooning/ supporting, showed a lot of sense in taking their sides. Hitherto, they had sided with who they were 'told' to be right or wrong. But watching Amber tear up like a clown, and hearing all the audio, video tapes in the live court they arrived on the truth rather earlier than the jury. This goes on to say fans aren't fools anymore and cannot be fooled.
  9. There have been many hated celebrities, but Amber tops them all.
  10. Ironically, the harder she sought to destroy Johnny, the better she saved him. The harder she fought to save herself, the worse she destroyed herself. That would have to be karma!
  11. It's ridiculous that although this case was all-in-all about domestic violence but nobody sued anybody for Domestic Violence.

Rather like Quasim, that stupid greedy brother of Alibaba from Alibaba and the Forty Thieves, Amber lost everything she had gained and thankfully Johnny got back everything he had lost.

She tried to destroy him with her lies; he destroyed her with his truth. Not only is this the biggest irony, it is also the biggest victory of truth and justice!

Thank you for reading.

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