What have we learnt from our History? Actually, not much

  1. We poisoned Socrates for his pearls of wisdom. Who the hell couldn't understand that he was opening our eyes to the truth? Fine. Then 500 years later we go and crucify Jesus for quite the same crime. Again!
  2. Then we extoll both of them. And anybody who dares speak an original mind- we start rejecting and attacking them again. We seem to have a thing with this kind of a thing!
  3. We glorified wars and violence. By the time we realised they were no good we waged WW1 on ourselves. Then WW2. Now lounging on the brink of WW3 since ages... So, what did we learn from all that bloodshed? Practically nothing!
  4. Besides, every single war (since dawn of History) that's ever been fought on earth has always been about right, power, victory, territory and dominion. And this trend still continues. We can't seem to live without wars.
  5. We suffered Black Death and various other plague pandemics in the past when our expertise in medical science wasn't at its best, to say the least. The latest are Spanish Flue and Zika virus. What did we learn from them? Practically nothing or we wouldn't be chafing under corona lockdown grumbling over why we can't go to cinema and bars, and rejecting public health procedures (some rather severely).
  6. We have taken 2000-5000 years to learn that monarchy and concentration of power damages countries and communities, wars can decimate entire civilisations, we don't have many Earths, that mind is the most powerful tool we humans have, right? But if we minus the modern ways of living our lives in 21st Century, we haven't much changed since the early days of humanity.
  7. Territory protection used to be a vital part of a country's existence. It still is. Fine. Guard yours with all your might. But who tells them to attack or endanger another's territory in the first place? Why can't some countries be satisfied with their territory and let their neighbours live in peace?
  8. History is full of evidence how quickly some customs and traditions turn into ugly social evils. Is our current society, educated and advanced as it is, free from social evils? Not entirely. There are still many traditions and customs that have no right to remain, but they go on merrily. And we feel proud of them.
  9. In every era, there have been great thinkers, philosophers and intellectuals. And none of them had it easy because of the distrust, disbelief and inability of their people and systems to understand them. Has it changed in current times? Nope. Some are acknowledged, thank God. Most stay away from lime light, fearing ridicule, rejection and condemnation if they open their mouth. Modern people still haven't learnt to lend their ears to thinkers.
  10. We know that religion and God can unite as well as divide. We don't see the unity so much as the division. Just like all those centuries ago! We still shamelessly fight over religion, beliefs, Gods, and creeds.