Does Amber Heard Deserve Any Sympathy From us?


Yes, she does, even if we hate her. Why? Here's why:

  1. She couldn't cry when her life depended on it. For such a rock-hearted human we really can't help but feel pity!
  2. She lied left and right and still failed to produce a story convincing enough to save her. Poor poor brains for poor planning and poor scripting! Got to pity her poor grey cells!
  3. She rose to great heights only to hurtle down with greater speed. How could she not tell where she might end up with her bruise kit and blackmail? You got to pity anyone suffering with such severe mental blindness!
  4. Had she known it would come to this, she would've gladly stayed with Franco, Elon or better still, Johnny. LOL, that's why she keeps saying she still loves Johnny.
  5. She lost all her fans except a handful who appear like handsomely paid or death-threatened PR rather than genuine supporters. In today's world it is better to be unknown rather than be so hated as she is. Pity! Pity! Pity!
  6. For once in her life her beauty and her words failed to melt people as she had been able to melt others. Imagine, how frustrating that must be to her whose sole talent was to beguile others.
  7. Once Johnny Depp said: 'The kind of person you are, you will grow into an old woman whom nobody will love and nobody will remember.' It sounds just about right. She may never be able to find true lasting love and will indeed die lonely, unloved and unremembered.
  8. Her career, so far appears to be over. With the amount of horrible negative publicity she and her life has received it is hardly likely anyone will ever forget. It already seems a near impossible task to be able to begin a new life again away from all this. That does call for loads of pity!
  9. But seriously, let's cast aside sarcasm and mockery from this equation. Consider how frightening it must be for any young/old, rich/poor, famous/obscure person to suddenly lose everything in life that he/she values/craves/aspires/dreams/live for; All money, importance, power, fame, name, influence, career and future just vaporised. To top it, her complete cancellation and imprisonment are also not far away. Her crimes are real, the damages and pain that she has caused are real and I really hope that some day she feels sorry and remorseful. We admire Johnny for coming out strong and victorious but cannot deny that we, as human beings, have begun to feel very bad for her...
  10. Last but not the least: She has effectively demonstrated how cruel, callous, unfeeling and heartless she can be. Heartless people may initially evoke anger and feelings of unfairness in us, but the deeper we look into their twisted psyche and the cursed darkness of their souls, we realise such people need to be pitied or we are heartless ourselves.

Anger should never be dealt with anger. Hate should never be repaid with hate. Whether Amber Heard confesses or not, apologises or not, moves on with her life or not, her lies have been legally exposed and that for the moment satisfies us. We cannot hate her for her crimes.

She is her own punishment. We do not want her blood on our hands. Johnny is far too precious for that..!

But that's just my opinion. Thank you for reading.