The Strange Correlation Between Happiness and Success


There's a weird correlation between happiness and success that everybody often wonders about. Some say they'll be happy if they are successful; other say they are sucessful if they happy. One of the first cummodities in everyone's wishlist, happiness and success are topmost indirect ambition of every human breathing on this planet. But whatever it may be, the universal truth remains: Even if you know them, you don't actually know them unless you have tasted them!

Just like the the tail of a snake disappearing into its own mouth, happiness and success can be both: two separate components or intelligibly intertwined into each other like one. They could be completely different from each other or could be one and same. One may lead to the other or preceed the other. Now does it get weirder? Yes. It does. Here's how:

  1. Happiness is not always considered as success. Success is nearly always a prerequisite for happiness.
  2. Happy people may not be successful; Successful people may not be happy. The ones who are both are extremely rare. The ones who are neither appear to be plentiful.
  3. When we decide to chase success, we often have to sacrifice a lot of things. Usually time, age, health and happiness are the things we sacrifice the first. The funny thing is we give up happiness in order to be happy!
  4. When we decides to chase happiness, we may have to sacrifice a lot of things: ambition, money, rat race, success.
  5. We achieve one, we achieve the other. We lose one, we lose the other.
  6. What is remarkable: Happy people look successful because they look happy. Successful people look happy becausethey look successful.
  7. Depending on our outlook and perspective, our success could become our happiness or our happiness could become our success.
  8. If it weren't for success, so many of us would never have been happy. If it weren't for happiness, so many of us would never have been successful.
  9. It is very much possible to create one's success and happiness, just as it is very much possible to destroy them. Usually destroying them is easier...
  10. When our success becomes our happiness, we become truely successful. When our happiness becomes our success, we transcend the world!

But that's just my opinion. Thank you for reading.