Hidden Secret about Psychological Disorders


Psychological Disorders may be hiding a little secret about humans no one wants us to know

Think of world's all famous saints, prophets, geniuses, thinkers, philosophers, intellectuals, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, authors, poets, inventors, explorers, conquerors. They all had surprisingly one thing in common. Their minds saw their world differently, thought differently, worked differently, reacted differently and lived differently, than other normal people who saw their world as normal, thought normally, worked normally, reacted normally and lived normally.

Our brilliant da Vinci, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Gandhi, Luther, Mandela, Einstein, Tesla, etcetera, have influenced and shaped our world in so many ways: If we could peep inside their minds what would we find? Apart from a different, high-functioning, extremely live wire, busy mind, we would stumble upon at least one, or in some cases many Psychological disorders! That's right! These extraordinary people, who worked hard to spread their unique ideas, were, according to modern psychological assessment, suffering from one or several psychological disorders since they did things that normal, psychologically fit people never do.

All our great religious personalities, religious leaders, saints and prophets including Jesus, Moses, Buddha or Krishna, were all likely psychologically disordered. They saw things. They heard things. They did things normal psychologically fit people never do….

Most events in History can be easily traced back to someone's disorder.

99% of all characters in Bible, all other ancient religious books and mythologies whether Egyptian, Sumerian, Biblical, Hindu, Roman, Norse or Greek, even all historical and fictional characters that you can right now think of, are replete with hidden or obvious psychological disorders.

Oh, wait. What about God? Let's imagine our omnipresent, omniscient God almighty allows himself to be examined by our expert earthly psychologists. How do you think, would he be diagnosed? Won't he be full of multiple multiple serious disorders?

Doesn't this somehow mean that being normal is not only impossible but also terribly dull, undesirable, uninteresting, boring and not 'that' useful for our world?

Is being normal only our psychologist's delight?

Does being normal mean: stuffing ourselves into a stiff rigid metal box that scrapes off all those parts of our personality, quality and powers that do not or cannot fit in the psychologist's tin?
Whatever it is, one thing is certain: If we had psychologists back then, all our famous/notorious people (in all fields) would be locked up in lunatic asylum and the human race would be one giant bumbling army of delightfully normal abominably boring, non-thinking, working robots.
Yeah, normal!

But that's just my opinion. Thanks for reading.