How Emit Eht Happened


As I have mentioned before, I never knew I was going to be a writer. Even when I penned children's stories, the thought never occurred to me that one day I would write a novel. All I know is that since my early school days, whenever I wrote something - an essay, a letter, a note, an answer, or just about anything random, people always exclaimed: 'Oh, this is very well written. You should be a writer!' Once I commented on an online newspaper article. I had only written about 5-6 sentences and people replied back: 'You should be a writer!'

I never took such comments seriously. Never!

One day in January 2017, I was meditating just as usual, when images of earth began flooding my mind. Those images were so startling, so vivid and so shocking that I was completely shaken up. For next several days I kept wondering about what I had seen and what I should do with them. I felt I had no choice but to share them with the world and let readers decide for themselves if what I had seen is right or wrong and possible or impossible. 

Up until that moment I had enjoyed every single moment of my work - not anymore now. I couldn't concentrate on anything, couldn't rest, couldn't be at peace with myself and couldn't resist or ignore the pull that was tugging at me constantly. It was then, that I decided to write a story to fit the visions.

I resigned from my teaching job and the day I was free, I started writing. As I was writing I noticed some weird coincidences. You can read about them here

I have no experience or qualification or formal training of being a writer. Certainly no experience of novel-writing which is a very very serious task. But Emit Eht was the only choice left to me.

If you read Emit Eht you will probably understand why it was so necessary for me to write it...