How to become a victor from a victim


A bulldozer might help you reverse engineer your thinking in these simple steps, turning you into a victor from a victim.

  1. Imagine your problems are a bulldozer. Now where are you? Right in front? Under the bulldozer? Directly in its path? Looming? About to charge?
  2. Identify negatives first. What are they? Problems? Difficulties? Failures? Setbacks? Traumas? Tragedies? Mindset? Here I will pick one for ease of explanation. Let's say you are being bullied by your colleagues.
  3. Identify the cause. Why are you being bullied? Is it because they envy you? Scared of you? Or being racist? Or playing upon your weakness? Or any other cause? Whatever the cause you think is responsible for their bullying, can it be remedied and resolved? Are there certain steps that you might take at your personal level that would help you solve the problem?
  4. I want you to learn this phrase by heart: Whenever a problem presents itself to you- it is trying to say something else to you. It is trying to show you something. Just like red light signals you to stop. When you see a wilting plant- the wilting is not the problem; it is just signalling that the plant needs water. And the correct way to address a wilting plant is not to paint its leaves green and attach props to lift the drooping leaves but simply to water the plant. When your stomach hurts with hunger, you don't eat a painkiller for pain but simply eat food.
  5. Could your hidden problem be saying: change your style, ways, work, strategy, behaviour, conduct, your character or priority?What are you doing now? You just changed your position from being a helpless, suffering traumatised victim who is being run over by a bulldozer to someone who now has the option of having a bulldozer in possession himself; he is picking up courage and strength and wants to search for a solution as a problem solver.
  6. Now think of your problem as an academic test that your teacher has given you in a class. Remember also, that passing the test is not important; trying your best to pass it, is. The teacher knows you are capable of solving it, and does not allow any excuse, any running away, any avoidance, any whining. The moment you start thinking about your problem as a learning lesson, you transform yourself from a victim to a survivor, from a sufferer to a learner, from negative to positive, from losing to winning. Mind you: winning is not important - trying to win, is. Tremendously so.
  7. Repeat: Imagine your problems are a bulldozer. Now where are you? under the bulldozer? or in the driving seat? When you alter your position from being under the bulldozer to being in the driving seat of the bulldozer itself, you have successfully changed your perspective. And indeed, not just changed your perspective, but you have started to learn the lesson your problems were indicating you to learn.

Let me add here: How quickly and effectively you can change your mindset is directly proportionate to your commitment and earnestness.

Thank you for reading.