How to tell if someone is secretly trying to damage you


Start getting up on your guard if some or all of these things have been happening to you. They only mean one thing: somebody is plotting against you.

  1. Is someone extra sweet to you? If someone is super sweet to you, meets your every demand, appears just perfect for you, maybe you should start getting wary. Either that person is really that impossibly sweet or a dangerous fake. Ask yourself why he or she could be faking?
  2. Does that person often say things to you and requests you to keep them to yourself and not mention them to anyone? One of the foremost signs of deceit, lies and trickery! The reason may be genuine but when not, it is just a blatant network of lies that person could be weaving for you. You only get ensnared when you don't confirm those things he/ she told you to not tell anyone.
  3. Does that person often tell a lot about other people, people you may or may not know? Ok, how much does this person know so much about others? If you believe each and every word you hear about others, it is possible the others are also being told about you, and it may or may not be truth at all...
  4. Do you always get second hand information from this person? Do you often receive important information, news, gossips etc from them and it oddly looks like they are always the ones who received this information first and then they are graciously passing it on to you? Beware! This often means you are being given false information with the intention to mislead or entrap you. You'd better confirm from other sources if the information you received is correct or not.
  5. Does this person avoid talking to others in front of you, or avoids talking to you in front of others, or avoid certain topics? Are you always happening to meet this person when there's no one around? It usually happens when the deceiver does not want witnesses. Anyways, when one lies, one need to ensure the others don't hear them as every person has been told a different lie.
  6. Does this person avoid eye contact with you?
  7. Does this person talk in unnecessarily lot of words (with you)? A sure sign of cooking up lies! Using a lot of words is a well known psychological trick to hide the main issue so the listener gets no time to detect the hidden. Usually, during such word-salads this person will look everywhere, his eyes literally darting in nervous energy, and looking at you only furtively. If you look at him directly, he will turn his eyes away. If you keep looking somewhere else, they will look at you keenly scanning your countenance for the success of their deceit. Look at them suddenly and they will quickly look away. If you are able to catch their gaze off guard, you may be able to see a faint passing displeasure at being caught.
  8. Do you notice strange silence or weird gazes when you enter a room of friends/ colleagues or meet them? Do they shut up or start talking about something totally new as opposed to continuing their topic? Does everyone look at you with a weird gaze? You can't quite put a finger on what, but you somehow feel as if something is off (or on) between you and them. A very sure sign of a change in other's attitude towards you and it is very often negative. If you often encounter strange behaviour of your friends that you cannot account for, unaccounted coldness, irritation, bored, dissatisfaction, demands, disappointment etc, you can be sure they are being fed against you.
  9. You're often reminded of things that you don't remember saying or doing? You're often told that you forgot or misunderstood? Classic tell tale signs of gas lighting. When this happens 3-4 times in a row, leaving you confused and wondering how you could have forgotten or misunderstood, start writing those things down for future clarification.
  10. When you are explaining things, does this person often react as if it is too hard to understand, or too silly or unnecessary, or he missed the detail, or he cannot understand you even if you feel there was nothing so complicated to not to understand? That's just a facade to force you to think you're being difficult, silly or sensitive when he or she is the sane one. Don't buy it.

Thank you for reading.