If God is real why doesn't he prove his existence to us?


Before you read further, let me make this clear: I am not a religious person. I don't know and don't care if Jesus was a real person or not. James Bond also is just fictional, so is Jack Sparrow or Sherlock Holmes or Lara Croft or Katniss Everdeen. If we can admire them and learn so much from them, then heck why not Jesus? He was after all a good ol kinda guy who did say things that we find right and sensible.

  1. Why do we want God to prove His existence? Means we do not trust him and want him to show himself as a proof? If he showed Himself to us, what's the guarantee we would believe Him then? In all probability we might just rubbish off His proof by saying/thinking He is fake, doctored, hallucination, drug-effect, trick of light or madness. In case some of us don't, the others will.
  2. Is His not giving proof His problem or ours? He is probably just fine, whether we Believe in Him or not. He did leave detailed instructions for why to believe in Him and how. If some of us didn't understand, isn't it their fault? Imagine suing our coffee machine company for a dysfunctional machine when we actually didn't even plug it in and didn't follow the user-manuel guide.
  3. We never ask our bank to show us our money. Our online banking shows us some figures that corroborate with the ones on statement. We trust that although we've never seen the machine or the people behind it.
  4. We drive our new car. We trust the motor, engine and company although we've never seen their bosses, manufacturers or certificates. We trust the car dealer/ car company and reputation in this regard. The heck, we get on an airplane or a bus and without knowing the plane or the bus, or the pilot, we cover hundreds of miles and trust we will be safe.
  5. We get operated. We trust our doctor, his tools, apparatus and procedure although we have no knowledge of his degree or record. We just read a few words on his website, some positive reviews and we trust our lives with him.
  6. Let's look around ourselves: we trust each and every job maker that provides service to us, whether it is food industry, or education, travel or healthcare.
  7. Why do we think we can easily trust them and not God? Because we have been conditioned into trusting pilots, bus drivers, bakeries, schools, hospitals, doctors, teachers but not to trust God. So God's user-manual gets dumped into the trashcan and we comfortably demand God to give us proof. Sorry, but if we were this God, we wouldn't bother giving anybody any proofs either.
  8. Then comes another question: What if God proved Himself to us? With the mistrust that we have, his proving will not benefit either of us in any way. (Typical scenario between intelligent and dumbs) We wouldn't change. We may ask for more proofs. We may ask for live video or written signature kinda thing. If there is a God who is operating this whole world and the entire cosmos that contains our endless space and blah blah) I am guessing He is some very very very powerful and double, triple, quadruple genius guy. With that much of brains and the tasks that he must be having on his mind, I doubt He would bother about proving himself. Like the geniuses we have on earth- they don't bother about proving themselves either. So I am guessing He won't either.
  9. For the same reason as true geniuses in our society stay away from fame, name, money, validity, rewards, certificates, accolades, lime-light, giving proofs, wanting people to believe in them, etc, probably He also wishes to stay hidden. If we want to see a genius we must learn to identify and interpret the signs of a genius. If we can't, we will most likely identify a brilliant genius as just a fool or a mad. And while we may just laugh at this mad-fool, it is actually we who are being laughed at. I just do not think that God will laugh at you though. He is probably okay with people not believing in him.
  10. If we mistrust our doctor or pilot, they'll just tell us to go to another. Our mistrust is our own problem. Deal with it, bruh! We have probably trust issues.