Is human beauty evil?


Human beauty is evil. It pervades every sphere of human life ruining honest people, innocent children/ teens, idyllic families, siblings and friends, turning them into devils. The joys it brings far outweigh the corruptions and sorrows it brings. I am not being gender specific here, but what the heck if I am?

  1. One pretty face in office can cause long-lasting and far-reaching disruptions within days. And some relationships or situations will never be the same again!
  2. Sisters, brothers, siblings can turn against each other in jealousy and hatred if one of them is prettier than the other.
  3. Usually a pretty face is to be blamed for behind most discriminations in most situations whether it is a school, college, staff or even strangers. Thank God, there are laws!
  4. Several wars in History and mythology started because of the pretty face of a woman. Trojan wars is by far the most famous example with, Mahabharata and Ramayana scoring a close second. Or vice versa, do we care? Isn't it good enough that the WW1 and ww2 had no pretty face behind the cause?
  5. Normally 90% of extra-marital affairs can be traced back to a pretty face outside the marriage-fence but conveniently near it.
  6. The same could be said about many heart-breaks, cardiac-failures, high-blood pressures, mental problems, domestic violence, jilts, breakups, divorces, black mails, scandals and so on.
  7. Spies, top secret under-cover agents, conspiracies usually never fail unless a pretty face decides to play a mole.
  8. World's mythologies are crawling with such instances when a pretty face tricked even the Gods. Or Gods had to resort to a pretty face to sell their tricks. Norse Mythology is thick with them!
  9. Some of the darkest social evils in the world have come to exist solely because of the irresistible effect pretty faces have on the psyche of people and their desire to enjoy them, exploit them, stop them, control them, correct them, punish them, ban them or own them.
  10. Last but the least: Had it not been for pretty Eve, Adam and all of the humanity might still be lounging in the garden of Eden talking walks with God and discussing what to do with that very problematic apple tree and the serpent.

Disclaimer: This post is an attempt to look at beauty from a different perspective i.e. the negative implications of beauty. The truth is beauty in itself is harmless; the way people react to it may or may not be harmless.