It's Not About Johnny or Amber. It's About us and our Society


Don't you see? Their story raises so many intriguing philosophical, intellectual, social, and moral questions it has become a phenomenon that reflects our current society. Their story is not just another trashy, flashy, celebrity family drama, or just a garbage high profile court case, it is about deep thought provoking questions such as:

  1. How our advanced, modern, AI age, polite, genteel society still stoops down to hurt, damage and destroy other fellow beings like animals behind closed doors for personal gains. Are we really so ugly from inside?
  2. How truth can remain undiscovered, how lies can continue to dazzle and flood until found out. Which means if they are never found out, the truth and false may continue to reign as false and truth!
  3. Which means it is also possible 'never' to know the truth! Which, again, means victory of truth over lies is just a matter of chance! Do we know how many times lies won over the truth and we happily accepted it as 'victory of truth over lies?' We probably don't. This is scary!
  4. Imagine, if just one woman/man could so muddle up the truth how many more truths about our world/society/History/future/health/ safety could be hidden?
  5. Does it not imply that we live in a world where truth may be the hardest to find, lies may be the easiest to engineer and no matter who is right or wrong, at the end of the day whoever gives good business is right. Yes: 'might is right' also means 'money is right'. Does that mean we are just a society ruled by money? You bet...
  6. How far a narcissist can go to play his narcissism. Does a narc ever stop? Does a narc ever realise his truth are lies? Does he ever ponder the damages he wreaks?
  7. One damaged person damaging everyone while inconsolably believing how others have damaged him! Boy! That's so messed up! Why isn't there a solution or a cure for it?
  8. How can such a beautiful face commit horrible and ugly things! After what we saw in this case, do we still think women are weak? Women have just different weapons and tools to fight their wars of survival. (It's just that Amber wasn't actually fighting to survive...)
  9. How is social media today any different from a medieval blood thirsty mob that believed in instant justice with or without proofs of innocence? We have just taken our gory bloodshed sport to online battlefields where we can scathe, and maim, and lynch, and dismember, and devour with brutal, animalistic, sadistic relish. Give us freedom and see what we become!
  10. How could marriage, love, romance or friendship between two people be so punishing? Is marriage becoming synonymous with a coffin?

You see? It's not about them. It's about the these questions about who we are. You can of course change the settings on your internet accounts, but I will be surprised if these questions don't bother you.