Some amazing things in life that are really amazing


Last year, India suffered a nightmarish episode of Cornoa Crisis. Too many people got infected too suddenly, and the already weakened infrastructure crumbled further under pressures of sudden high figures of the sick. Thousands died because they couldn't get oxygen. This incident is now going down in History as 'The Oxygen Crisis'.

This is so tragic! So utterly heart breaking! The more so because we take oxygen so much for granted. We can't survive three minutes without it, yet it is not even mentioned in our wish-list, or Thank you list, or list of amazing things, or useful things. Just as a cold, dry sentence mentioned in children's elementary books: 'Earth is the only planet to have Oxygen.'

Our everyday life is so full of so many amazing things that we don't even see them anymore, much less count them. Therefore, this is my list of amazing things in my everyday life as a reminder to myself:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Sunshine
  5. That we're alive and in good health so we can understand and enjoy the good things in life.
  6. That we love and are loved.
  7. That we can think, and know, and learn, and feel.
  8. Every little and big thing in nature, be they stars or flowers, rain or snow, animals or plants.
  9. Happiness and laughter
  10. Kindness and compassion

These amazing things are free and in great abundance but sometimes we still run short of them, have to pay for them, and only then realise their true cost and importance.

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