Some old taboos that are now thankfully commonplace


We have basically overturned our ancestor's nearly every single issue of honour, prestige, importance and social value, making them wince and turn in their graves. It's a good example of 'Old is not always gold.' and 'Our fathers are not always as wise as they like us to believe.'

  1. Sex: No matter how much they enjoyed it, they acted prude like hell and liked to keep their secrets between the sheets well hidden between their sheets. A word of it could ruin someone's life, prospects and fortune or topple dynasties and kingdoms. Today it is just the opposite. It builds people's life, prospects and fortunes! Can anyone forget how Paris Hilton shot to fame?
  2. Children before marriage: We've literally destroyed all those million tonnes of juicy Literature created in past decades and centuries that just revolved magnetically around illicit impossible romances, getting pregnant before marriage and dealing with hiding unwanted pregnancies or babies. LOL, it is the highest fashion of the day! I wonder what do they think about when they stare at us from their grave!
  3. Menial jobs: There weren't very many jobs, and the ones there were were crudely classified in upper and lower class categories. Our janitors are now as respectable as our CEOs. Well, nearly so.
  4. Overtly sexual dressing/ promiscuous lifestyle was condemned, and followed only by the rich sections of society who could get away with it but not the poor middle class. It is high fashion now and who can blame?
  5. Female infertility: Oh! Nobody ever questioned the males but whole hell broke lose on females if they didn't conceive. Thank God we're done with that!
  6. Spinsterhood/ delayed marriages (and a whole lot) for females: Looks like for every bad thing happening in the old world the females were blamed. Girls past 23 was considered too old to get married. Can you wonder how stressed and anxious those poor girls must have been to get hooked up before they hit their twenties? After 25th birthday it was more or less settled that that girl was too insufficient to bag a husband and then she spent the rest of her days envying other girls with disdain. Future time travel would have helped them so much!
  7. Step children/ Step parents 
  8. Transgender people, same sex friendships, relationships: Highly taboo! Although it still didn't stop people from practicing it in secret.
  9. Prostitution: Rampant as ever, but always under cover! In the light of the day they would appear as innocent and pure as saints and monks, fucking their whores noisily in the shadows of the night. At least now this profession is legal in some countries, and still enjoys the same avid interest as an astronaut. And some girls actually dump their painfully earned university degrees to answer their true calling with pride.

  10. Madness/ mental diseases/ female disorders, Female body, Powerful women were all kinda strictly forbidden
  11. Bonus: Religion,