The Far-reaching Effects of Amber Heard-Johnny Depp Case


It has achieved much more than just a clean name for Johnny/dirty name for Amber

The verdict given, the furore over, the avid audience has now packed and left, saturated with celebrity drama as never before. But the truth is this case was never about celebrity family drama alone. It has touched so many social nerves and opened sore spots that far from forgetting we should be talking about it more than we already are.

There is so much to learn about ourselves as we stare into those two powerful faces; both pretty as a picture but one beguiling and vicious, the other suffering innocent, one skeleton of lies, the other haunting shadows of truth, one pretending to be hurt, the other laying bare the broken heart. To think we still couldn't tell who was who...!

We need to ask ourselves: How much like Amber or Johnny are we ourselves? The answer may be too uncomfortable to admit even to ourselves.

Amber Johnny case has opened up a can of worms. Filthy. Stinking. Wriggling. Refusing to get stuffed back from whence they wiggled out. We would fail ourselves were we to stuff them back in and pretend we saw nothing.

You might ask: What worms? Well, these worms:

  1. Toxic Femininity: While no one wants to believe it is a thing, many people know it is very much a thing and Amber Heard is right now the shiniest proof and symbol of it. She used her beauty for seduction, gold digging, exploiting, gas-lighting, and almost blasted a man's honour and career to smithereens just to buy herself a life of luxury, a career and money without guilt on her conscience.
    And she said he was the perpetrator, she the victim and we believed her! That does not say so much about her as it does about us! Doesn't it? Think twice.
  2. Male domestic violence. Amber was actually right when she challenged Johnny by saying: 'Who will believe you?' Because we really didn't believe him at first. We believed her lies, her dry tears and her bruise kit. The question is: What made her trust she would get by? A bruise kit? The power of celebrities to sway public opinion? Or belief in the principle that no lie is a lie until it is found out?
  3. Misuse of legal system. We have always believed that Justice is blind. That is until justice discarded the blindfold, saw Amber's makeup bruises, faked tears, pretence of 'victim image' and decided she had been abused. (Had Johnny not filed the defamation we would have continued to believe truths that were only lies. We even made her ambassador for abused women and spokesperson for women's rights! Talk about giving the wolf the job of protecting the sheep!!!
  4. Lying under oath. This still needs to be addressed otherwise many more Amber Heards, whether male or female, are going to make a joke of our legal system.
  5. Social Media Mob Culture: Misleading/ instigating social media for personal gain is hardly new. But social media mob culture is becoming a thing. It first cancelled Johnny Depp and supported Amber for being courageous, then like a bolt of lightening reversed after the verdict. Isn't it alarming how quickly fans can transform from swooning to punishing? Thank God, there are laws or Twitter comments alone could kill Amber in hot blood, or Johnny for that matter!
  6. Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, all of these are gaining a lot of attention thanks to Amber. She is also a text book narcissist!
    You can read about her narcissism here in detail:
  7. Her bad acting is lethal for everyone, most of all, herself. Again, Amber is the latest and ultimate symbol of bad acting/ under acting/ over acting and 'being unable to act when required to act', and 'acting when not acting.' Seriously, why is she even an actor and how on earth did she land so many roles in films? How come acting industry accept actors who cannot perform? Or is pouting lips the criteria of being a good actor?
  8. Televised transparent court proceedings where the whole world participated. That was nice. It will probably stay this way...
  9. How good Johnny is. Johnny had always been good. Not only as an actor but also as a person. Thanks to Amber, everyone now knows how very good he actually is. He has not just reclaimed his honour and his life back, his popularity is literally soaring. The real time Captain Jack Sparrow! Thanks, Amber! You did this.
  10. Amber had never been a popular actor or a popular person. She has two or more faces and we aren't fond of any of them. But then let's be fair: how important 'image' or 'personal life' is when it comes to popularity of celebrities? If none of us are saints, why do we expect/ demand our celebrities to be one? Or is it because we ourselves aren't saints, we expect them to be saints for us? Why can't a celebrity be a bad or whatever kind of person in his personal life?
  11. Some people become heroes when desperate to survive; Some become noble or superhuman, some animal or even criminal in self defence. Amber Heard is the only example of becoming dumb and stupid in her self defence (court trial). She became so dumb she ruined her own life!
  12. #MeToo can also be abused by women.
  13. Men need #MenToo as women need #MeToo.
  14. Ironically, Amber Heard achieved nothing that she had planned for herself and achieved a lot what she hadn't planned. She will go down in History as the woman who had everything (beauty, intelligence, youth, love, career, opportunities, name, fame, family, health, wealth) but she still lost everything. It is hard to say what is going to become of her from this point onwards. Whatever it is, it will sure need a lot more good luck than she has had her whole life.
  15. If we are lucky we will soon get to see a Netflix original serial/film on this topic. Or a film on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Love Story in which he plays his own role. I just hope Amber doesn't play in this movie, though it would be kind of nice if she did? Not sure...

To me the greatest agony is: What if no Defamation Trial had occurred? How could we have been happy staining our hands with blood of someone's truth and honour and not even knowing what the truth or lie was?

Thank you for reading.