The similarity between geniuses/ highly intelligent people and children


A genius child or a childlike genius? Both can be quite similar.

There's an uncanny similarity acutely observed between geniuses or highly intelligent people in all age groups and children that people have, since ages, always puzzled about. Here is why they appear so maddeningly alike:

  1. They both want to learn and learn very quickly. Even their plays and games, boredom and hurts, active and passive conversations, noise in the background, pictures on the walls, everything is actually constantly teaching them something.
  2. They both will keep at a task until they have figured out how it operates.That usually means not being aware of their hunger, thirst, fatigue, sleep, time or other pressing priorities.
  3. They both can recognise patterns oblivious to other's habitual unseeing eyes. The ability to recognise patterns is an essential element in a genius or a child's brain.
  4. Their energy and curiosity drives them like an engine pulls the train which is mostly unstoppable just like their imagination.
  5. They both are highly observant and will notice things that others normally wouldn't even be aware of.
  6. They don't care about the world or what people say. They do their thing. Their actions and involvements may appear as silly or nonsensical.
  7. They ask a lot of questions much to other's annoyance.
  8. They both are adventurous, experimental and have a high risk taking capability.
  9. They aren't scared. They don't look before they leap. Their fearlessness can drive others nuts.
  10. They are both attentive listeners with stars in their eyes and glue on their ears.

This doesn't mean that geniuses are like children. Neither Stephen Hawking nor Einstein nor Tesla were in the least like children. It just means to point out that the unique qualities that make a child a prolific learner and facilitate his learning is exactly what makes a genius or intelligent people who they are. In addition to some more of their brain matter.

Interestingly, these are the qualities that we normal people (sadly? thankfully? luckily?) outgrow as we say goodbye to our childhood. And in case if we do retain remnants, they actively get buried under tonnes of dust of work, stress, norms, rules, demands and drudgeries of normal living.

Perhaps that's the reason for the famous saying: 'There's a child hidden in everyone of us.' Perhaps that's why we're actively implored to discover the hidden child in us so we could rediscover what we are capable of.

Thank you for reading.