Things that look terribly easy but are terribly difficult

  1. Life of a king, queen and royals has always appealed to ordinary people. Some think it is a life of dreams! Rolling around in riches and splendour, having thousand servants to wait upon, countless outfits and a crown to wear and everyone bowing their heads before them is the stuff of fairy tales. The reality is completely different. Royals have a way more difficult life than commoners. That glittering jewelled crown is actually the biggest pain in the ass and can weigh more than tonnes on the mind, body and heart. No one ever had it easy, even the ones who swear they had.
  2. Celebrities, actors and actresses are like stars. Nothing can be as far removed from the truth than this statement. Celebrities have to put up with abnormally high degree of stress, follow up, hard work on their skills, maintaining contacts, putting up a false front for the sake of image, putting up is an awful lot to pay for! However, fans only get to see their glitter and shine and believe that to be the truth.
  3. Sports stars: It looks easy, but is very difficult. Ask any sportsman what they have to undergo in order to be there.
  4. Geniuses: Everyone is obsessed with geniuses. Every parent wants their children to be one and flaunting IQ ranges is common among some people who delight in thinking superficially. The truth is it is not easy being a genius. They have to battle their whole life for those simple things that ordinary people have and usually suffer from loneliness, rivalry and rejection and are often misfit and misunderstood in society.
  5. Entrepreneurs: Everyone aspires to be a successful Entrepreneur like Jobs or Branson. Many successfully make it too. It is good to be ambitious. It is just not a cake walk as it from outside appears to be.
  6. Millionaires and Billionaires: Becoming a millionaire or a billionaire is everyone's dream. Openly or secretly, we all want to be them. However, we only see their bling bling life style and how crazily rich they are and what crazily rich things they buy or own. We don't see their stress, pressure, hard work and challenges. We don't even ask them. And times when we do, we drown their accounts of hard work in waters of their riches. We only see their wealth.
  7. High sounding university degrees: Some people believe that a high sounding university name or a degree will do everything for them. Actually the real battle begins after they have achieved their degree. There are 25,000 universities in the world. About 2 million students pass out each year from them. Not all 2 million shine like a new penny. Some get lost in the crowd. In contrast there are many who never went to uni and are doing better.
  8. Meditation and spirituality: 'Meditation', spirituality and yoga are hottest fashion trends whether in hobbies, pass-times, YouTubing, health holidays, or sports-wear, merchandise and home decoration. Even a child knows all about them. After all, it is just about breathing, isn't it? No. It is not just about breathing. In fact real mediation and yoga will not even mention breathing. The truth is even the best teacher out there may only be a beginner and he will promise as if he is a master. Meditation, yoga and spirituality are easy-peasy once you get a hang of them (the real hang, that is.) Until then it is basically just shooting in the blind. The toughest part is knowing if you are doing it right at all.
  9. Revenge: When we are battling with our grief, loss, disappointments, deceits or sorrows because of someone, revenge is the only comforting thought in our hearts spurring us to cope with our hurts. However, beware! Revenge only deceptively appears easy, fair, just and deserving. In reality, we are the first ones to get hurt and wounded from our own revenge.
  10. Writing career, getting published: Everyone wants to be a writer. Everyone wants to write best sellers. Let's admit: authors do look cool and glossy! However, writing even a tiny book or getting accepted by a publishing house can cost some people their entire lives.