What it's like being a Writer


We all more or less pretty well know what being a doctor, a policeman or a teacher is like. But life of a writer? A writer's life is so romantic, so dreamy and so intoxicating that if given the choice- many would want to be one right away.

For years my life had oscillated between my family and my kindergarten. Even after spending nearly two decades in the same profession, every day was as fresh and new as a morning-dewy spring rose. It made me feel like an emperor in my realm. Happy as a lark, I laughed and sang and whistled and danced on my way. My first thought on waking up every morning and the last before falling asleep every night used to be that of my Kindergarten. It was awesome!

Then suddenly I became a writer and realised with chagrin what more beauties and joys lay buried under my feet, totally undiscovered, totally unexplored. God! What a waste of time before!

Writing is my new love! To me, writing has become synonymous with something like wine, alcohol or drug addiction. Kindergarten thoughts have naturally unceremoniously got replaced by writing thoughts. Twenty four hours seem too little to accommodate my needs. Holidays, vacations, weekends just impede me. Every time I am not writing or thinking about  writing, seems like an extravagant waste of time; and that includes meal breaks, loo-breaks...

I live in a state of constant high. Stoned with passions, I don't feel fatigued, sleepy or hungry. When I lie down to sleep, I wonder when it will be morning. When I wake up, I leap up from bed as if ejected by a spring. I know only one hunger, only one thirst: let me do what I love to do, if not, just kill me in hot or cold blood- I won't care. And I wonder if every writer is like me...If yes, rejoice. We writers see the world through different eyes, have several hearts, live several lives and in our microscopic world live like kings in our palaces, like Gods in our universe. We already exist in paradise. Who the hell wants more?