What do the rich worry about?


Everyone worries about money. What about the rich? Turns out they also worry about money albeit with a different twist.

  1. Their biggest worry has to be their money because money makes them who they are. To stop themselves from losing it, they can resort to any trick in the book (from lying, stealing, bribing, exploiting, manipulating, to even killing, but that's not the point here.) Executing these tricks in turn may become their secondary worries.
  2. Some worry about their visions, plans/ schemes/ ventures/ entrepreneurship and how to make them successful or save them from failing.
  3. Their eyes are constantly hooked on stocks, deals, prices and market situations and trends. Stocks have been the death of many rich people directly or indirectly.
  4. They worry about market-competition, trends, growth-patterns, business rivals and adversaries that can damage them.
  5. Losing their market reputation & control is one of their biggest points of concern.
  6. Some governments, government policies, political situations, elections, unrests etc that may or may not be favourable to their plans so change of government, policies etc always causes them to worry.
  7. Often new bills and laws are problematic; some spell doom for some kinds of businesses/ business-practices. that could pose trouble for them
  8. Sometimes they worry about their business ideas getting stolen, highjacked, banned, altered or ruined due to bad execution
  9. Fear of economy failure, recession, govt crackdown is always present.
  10. Most of them lose their sleep and rest (and life eventually) on building, maintaining or losing their business empire or all three of them together.
  11. They worry about losing time or their opportunity. They know the value of both.
  12. Some may be plagued by nasty legal issues or legal battles. It's not the cost that bothers them but how these things devour their precious time, energy and reputation. They also don't worry so much about the law as being exposed and losing their reputation for it
  13. Some may worry about heirs. For example: they don't have one or have undeserving ones so no one to take over their empire or inherit their wealth or other inheritance issues.
  14. Of course some may have health or family issues. Not many will think about their money when faced with serious illness or other thretening matters.
  15. Some may worry about guilt issues, fear of their hidden past/ black deeds being found out or exposed.
  16. Mostly rich people worry about how to make their wealth and business name and empire last for ever, or at least last a few decades long after they are gone. Leaving a lasting legacy for future generations and for the world for ever is what most dream about.
  17. They fear and worry about losing their reigns/ supremacy/market control/authority and being controlled by someone else.