Let us Suppose our World Will Finish Tomorrow. Okay, Fine! What Then?


Allow me to share a new perspective with you just for the sake of some fun and critical creative thinking.

Let us, just for one moment, forget how old is Earth, humanity and our civilisation. Let's forget when was writing invented and age of artefacts. Let us do some time engineering: Remember it is just for fun.

We are significantly developed in science and technology, and Earth is reeling in chaotic climate change and environmental damages. Imagine, an asteroid (or whatever) rams in and humanity is finished (like dinosaurs) leaving sundry alive here and there.

In absence of human beings, their activities, consumption and industries, the earth starts recovering. All existing places and things are swallowed up and many years elapse.

The fun part is about to begin:

  1. How long can/will it take for surviving 'sundry' humans to reach current level of advancement?
  2. Can/will their technology be same as our current one?
  3. How much of our current existence will be able to survive thousands of years in future?
  4. Will future scientists, historians and archaeologists be able to discover accurately how we are living right now? Will they know we have 5G Internet, Facebook, Online bank- transfer, Insta-chat, Cable TV, Nano-technology, 3-D printing, space-exploration etc etc etc etc etc?
  5. If future scientist found an Audi symbol of 5 rings (Or that of BMW) would they know it meant a car? They might think it means four continents, or three eyes or four suns and three moons...!
  6. Writing (and what not) will again have to be invented and would be most probably only 4-6 thousand years old.

The funniest part is this:

Are we doing the same? What's the proof we aren't? Oh, there are proofs all right...Just look around at yourself now. Now, does Göbekli Tepe and Pyramids, Nazca Lines of Peru, Baghdad Battery, London Hammer, Stonehenge and the like, make some more sense than Historians are willing to tell us???

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