Why does History repeat itself? Has it nothing better to do?


First off: History is not the only thing to repeat itself. So do numbers, alphabets, sounds, signals, waves, music notes, cells, atoms, Math, Geography, Nature, body-functions, seasons, space, galaxies! Everything, if you look closely enough, is just a systematic repetition of itself over and over again and again. Even water cycle, rock cycle, life cycle of living beings whether man, plants or animals is just a repetition. Well, so why not History?

How do you know that History repeats itself? There aren't many identical instances you would find in History that could justify that History repeats itself. No two wars, revolutions, conquests, civilisations, dominions, reigns, kingdoms, rulers, governments or catastrophes are alike.

And yet, when we search for intricate patters over time we find that History does repeat itself in a very clear pattern that even the blinds could not miss. Yet we apparently keep missing despite knowing it. That's why it isn't fun. Or that's why it is!

  1. If we say History is a set of events leading to a set of events then most events fall in the same cyclic category: (ambition) desire for power, (success or failure) rise to power, decline, degeneration. Every civilisation whether ancient, medieval or modern has passed through these cycles. Our current civilisation is also doing the same.
  2. It repeats itself in a way that isn't fun because all our ancestors, ancient Literature, myths and folks keep telling us what happened to them and what will happen to us. All we do is laugh at them, then go fall down in the same hole.
  3. We like to think that History is History- a cold silent grave in the past, that has nothing to do with us gloriously modern humans. Then we suddenly stumble across things like Corona and Göbekli Tepe and don't know what to do.

''When People fail to realise that History repeats itself, History has to repeat itself even if that wasn't its plan initially.''

-Emit Eht