Why is laughter the best beauty makeup and the best medicine


Laughter is a complete package of wonderful health and beauty benefits. One could literally just laugh one's way to health, happiness and beauty!

Laughter is officially a medicine. The reason why it is called the best medicine is because it is free, easy to use, happy, enjoyable and beautiful in itself, available to everyone, everywhere, anytime irrespective of their age or condition. To top it, it makes you happy, helps you look younger, more beautiful, attractive and appealing and boosts your emotional, mental, social, psychological, physical health in more ways than one. Could one ask more?

  1. It greatly improves heart health: Laughter dilates the inner lining of blood vessels thus encouraging good blood flow. This is why when we laugh we often feel red and heated. What's even more important: this helps in improving our heart health and prevents heart disease.
  2. It relieves your pain: It stimulates the brain to release endorphins that produces strong analgesic or 'painkiller' effects stronger than morphine. Endorphins are our body's natural painkillers!

The most important, most tried and tested, and most commercially under-utilised benefit of laughter is: it signals the brain to release the 'happiness chemical-endorphin' whose soul job is to kill your pain and make you 'feel happy'. So, even when you're down but fake a laughter it tricks your brain into thinking you are happy making it release the 'happiness chemical' and now because of the chemical you end up feeling actually happy! Something like 'Fake it till you make it.'

Now you know why watching comedies or hanging out with a cheerful friend at the pub makes you happier and lifts your mood when you are sad?

3. It boosts our immune-system: It increases the number of anti-body producing cells and speeds up T-cells activity to fight infections more effectively. This leads to a stronger immune system. Happy people are usually healthier people.

4. Natural stress-buster: According to Sigmund Freud's 'Relief Theory' laughter releases physical and chemical tension within the body helping us to feel simply better,more relaxed, relieved and tension free. That's why laughter is used as covert therapy to cope with grief, sorrow and stress.

5. Laughter dissipates anger. If someone is very angry, tactfully try to make him laugh; there can be only one of the two outcomes: either he will become even angrier or he will forget his anger. Or why don't you try someone else dissipate your anger by making you laugh?

6. It relieves fear and anxiety: Not only anger, it also dissipates stress, anxiety and fear. It improves your mood and makes you feel lighter.

7. Laughter is known to reduce allergic reactions in dust mite allergy patients.

8. It is an important personal tool that helps us in a variety of social situations: It is necessary for strengthening relationships, improving teamwork, increasing friendly social interactions and making oneself more sociable and pleasant in all kinds of social environments.

9. Laughter yoga is a real thing. It basically means laughing your head off just to trick your brain into releasing the 'happiness chemical'. It is found in 53 countries and has over 5000 laughter clubs worldwide.

10. It makes you look 3 years younger and prettier: Laughter helps people look younger by about three years than their real age. Also, frequent laughing produces 'laughter wrinkles' with age that again helps people look younger as opposed to those who get natural scowl or frown wrinkles that makes them look more severe and more aged than they actually are.

Thank you for reading.